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Thomas McNutt is a Christian conservative family businessman who believes that government has simply grown out of control. Thomas and his wife Julie McNutt live in Corsicana, Texas where Thomas’s family roots go back over 100 years.

Thomas works hard to serve his family & community through the principles of faith and freedom. As a Sunday school teacher, former high school football coach, and currently serving as a Vice President at the Collin Street Bakery, Thomas strives every day to lead and serve others wherever he is.

A week in the life of Thomas McNutt is that of an engaged leader in a small town. In addition to his career, he has served on multiple business and nonprofit boards. Currently he serves on the board of a local bank in Navarro County and the Dynamic Empowerment for Youth based in Corsicana. In addition, he supports or is an active member of several local philanthropies such as the Rotary Club, YMCA, and the Navarro County Aggie Club, among other organizations.

When he isn’t working or volunteering in the community, Thomas can be found with his wife Julie enjoying the outdoors, watching football, or at their local church.

Like many fellow Texans, Thomas knows that our rights of life and liberty are granted by God. The government should exist simply to defend these rights, rather than whittle them away with increasing taxation and regulation. If you would like to get to know Thomas better, give him a call! His cell number is 903-345-4086.


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